Printables with Old-School Flair

Dungeon World changed the way I look at gaming. Its light rules made me realize how rules-light my best gaming experiences had been. Freebooters on the Frontier is a Dungeon World hack that makes the game feel even more like home, and it's no wonder: author Jason Lutes says he was inpsired by some of my all-time favorites: "white box" D&D, Judges' Guild's Wilderlands of High Fantasy, and the works of Jack Vance.

Freebooters just feels right to me. I find that it unites old-school D&D players and new-era gamers at the same table, with aspects that are at once familiar and exciting to all. Find this highly recommended game for an insanely reasonable $4.00 at Drive-Thru RPG.

Download Playbooks & More

These PDFs are designed for double-sided printing and 3-hole punching.
For the ultimate in old school, get yourself some goldenrod paper.

downloadMaezar's Freebooters Sheets v2 (PDF, 6.2MB) Oct 2016

My simplified one-page character sheets were created after almost a year of watching players work with my earlier redesigned playbooks. Now, virtually everything needed for play is on the first page -- including boxes to check off for XP! Descriptive text has been reduced to a bare minimum and advanced moves are not included at all. (I've started using CARDS for those... coming soon!) This PDF also includes a Spellcasting Sheet designed to be used with glass beads or other counters, and a copy of my house rules.

downloadMaezar's Freebooters Move Books v2 (PDF, 889K) Oct 2016

I made these move books to match the style of the Character Sheets. In addition to Basic Moves, you'll find a 2-page Marketplace sheet. Tip: Print each page on a different color paper and then staple the books. Players quickly learn exactly where to look for what they need. You may notice some minor changes and house rule additions here.

downloadMaezar's Freebooters Playbooks (v1) (PDF, 4.7 MB) Oct, 2016

Here are my original 4-page playbooks with advanced moves and separate XP/Treasure record, plus a one-page Random Character Creation Rules sheet. You'll notice some tweaks and expansions of my own, plus some borrowing from the orignal Dungeon World playbooks. In September 2016, we stopped using these playbooks in favor of the one-page sheets above.

downloadThe Perilous Randomizer (v1) (Xlsm, 4.7 MB) Oct, 2016

Here's a mostly-finished Excel-based random generator based on for The Perlious Wilds.It was made using Excel 2011 on a Mac. You'll need to enable Macros to get it to work. Note: I use this only in a pinch. Real dice and charts rule!

What's Next

  • Random Magic Items for Freebooters!
  • Expanded moves for Alignment & Race/Heritage
  • All-new sheets for my Judges-Guild inspired hexagon mapping system.
  • 1E Style "Manual of Monsters" (preview here)
  • Expanded Treasure Tables for Freebooters.


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