Maezar's Dungeon World Sheets

Dungeon World Printables with Old-School Fantasy Flair.

Unless you've found this page unintentionally, then like me, you probably have an interest in the Dungeon World game. I think it is wildly creative, innovative, and fantastic. but my friends and I found the design of the character sheets to be a bit "crisp" for our old-school FRPG tastes. I went to work creating some sheets with slightly retro fantasy flair—not "0E" retro, but definitely more mystical and gritty.

More than just doing a simple re-skin, I wanted to present a familiar layout to players of D&D and other systems and make usability tweaks. Moore on that below the downloads.


Please consider making a small donation if you enjoy these sheets. Anything would be most appreciated. I'm a dad and I do this in my spare time.


Here's the current work in process. If you find errors, please email me at



I'm also working on GM Reference sheets designed to be printed for use as a screen. Here's the work in process.



I wanted the new sheets to look cool and have a fun, familiar layout-- stats in a column is at the heart of this. I also increased the smallest font size and a presented roll results in a more tabular format. Placing GEAR at the bottom of p.2 means that any extra room can be used for write-ins. Sorry, but I removed the suggested character names. If you can't create a name for your character, ask your GM or another player for help. Sticklers will also notice text tweaks. This was done mostly for layout flow (removing a redundant turn of phrase, etc.)I also added some options where there was obvious space (such as Cleric domains/precepts). Ultimately, I hope that these sheets will be highly customized for my own DW playset, so I couldn't help myself at moments. Everything is designed to be printed double-sided and 3-hole punched.

For those with color printers, text which refers to rule concepts by name is colored (example: "hack and slash", "load".) I found that this helps new players to intentionally pick up game jargon. The sheets are designed for two-sided printing and three-hole punching. Set your printer's margins as wide as possible.

For the ultimate in old school, get yourself some ivory parchment or better yet goldenrod paper.